The vital role of Risk Management in the Treasury and Financial Markets environment cannot be over-emphasized. With the shortage of specialized skills in these areas, it becomes unaffordable for many companies to acquire the relevant skills to set up an in-house treasury. Phoenix Wealth Management and its partner network will provide a Financial Market Risk Management solution that suits your specific needs at an affordable price. Our specialized knowledge and hands-on experience in Treasury Risk management and Financial Markets provide corporate treasuries with an appropriate solution to mitigate their risks.


Foreign Exchange
  • Market Information
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigating Strategies
  • Foreign Exchange Dealing
  • Exposures & Transaction Reports
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Money Market Investments
  • Funding Advice
  • Appropriate Risk & Cash Flow Reporting
Interest Rate
  • Market Information
  • Portfolio Evaluation and Management Advice
  • Interest Rate Derivatives Dealing
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Market Information
  • Risk Assessment and Hedging Proposals
  • Implementation of Agreed Strategies
  • Appropriate Risk Management Reporting

Experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists whose aim is to thoroughly understand the financial risk within the framework of the client’s business model

Taylor-made hedging strategies that focus on the client’s treasury risks and efficient and cost-effective service in an environment known for its volatility and scarcity of skills.

Together with you, we will analyze the various Treasury Risks in your business and compile an appropriate Management Strategy.

Independent and objective advice and transacting will be ensured as there is neither conflict of interest nor allegiance to any financial institution – we work with all banks.